Czech Crystal and Bohemia’s Glassmakers in India

When Rihanna sent her Savage x Fenty collection down a New York City runway in September, the crystals that shimmered were Czech. The hats and headpieces that Stephen Jones created for her? Made with Czech crystals. The 120,000 crystals that dangled from the gold dress Kylie Minogue wore at Glastonbury this year? Czech. The chandeliers that sparkle in Versailles? Czech. The trophies presented at this year’s Brit Awards? At the Tour de France? At GQ’s Man of the Year Awards?

Czech. Czech. Czech.


A Bit of Crystal Storytelling

“Many of the towns and villages in what now is called the Crystal Valley are storybook pretty, with cobblestone streets and sidewalks and leafy squares bordered by pastel stucco houses or the occasional old timber ones. And they are filled with crystal workers and their families.”

New York Times


As Designers we are also working with top glass makers, designers and crystal brands in Czech Republic in the region Jablonec, Podebrady, Tanvald. We continue the heritage of Bohemian cut crystal glass. This tradition dates back to the beginning of 18th century and it has influenced the entire glass industry of the world in the course of time. We can state proudly that the Bohemian crystal glass belongs to the best that came into being in the respective sector..


All our chandeliers have the best quality - all parts are from crystal and metal ( polished brass - gold color, polished nickel - silver color or antique brass) and are made in the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Europe Union). At all our chandeliers you can use LED lights, halogen lights or classic lights.

We offer our chandeliers with SPECTRA ® Swarovski ® Crystal (Leadfree Crystal), Full Lead Bohemia Crystal ® or Strass ® Swarovski ® Crystal!!


The blue and gold oval trademark BOHEMIA CZECH REPUBLIC – LEAD CRYSTAL OVER 24% PbO has become synonymous with Bohemian lead crystal. It provides also customers with a guarantee of quality and combination of values by means of those the company communicates: utility, beauty and style.

Homes and Corporate

We provide solutions to homes as well as corporate spaces with traditional or modern lighting solutions including interior such as glass ware, hand cut glass tables, mirrors or bars.

"Each piece is handmade and hand cut using techniques that make the quality stand out"